Bacon and cheddar griller

Our Values

We believe in the value of family and the tradition of doing things right. Our farmers also believe in that which is why our family of farmers works so hard in getting it right to ensure their families, and yours, have only the best chicken to put on your tables. Old fashioned values with modern day quality are a recipe for delicious meals every time.

Diet & Nutrition

Heritage Farms chickens raised without the use antibiotics which delivers a chicken that is clean and delicious as nature intended. Our chickens are raised on a 100% vegetable diet, consisting of a special blend of grains, vitamins and mineral supplements. There are no substrates or filler in our feed and absolutely no animal by-products.

Humanely Treated

All chickens are humanely raised on family farms in the beautiful Fraser Valley where they can live and grow in a safe clean environment. Our chickens are raised in low population densities and in temperature-controlled barns. We ensure all our birds have spacious open barns to roam free in with ample access to fresh air and clean water.

Our commitment to adhering to these strict standards is unwavering and we utilize third party independent audits of our farms on a regular basis to ensure our birds have the highest quality standard of living.

All our birds are processed in a humane way adhering to all the Canadian regulations and all food safety standards are adhered to in order to ensure the best quality product is produced.